Kwanghee’s Totally Innocent Drawing Has “Infinite Challenge” Cast Rolling On The Floor

On the June 11 episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” the cast members teamed up in pairs with webtoon writers for a pictionary-type quiz game, where one member draws clues on a pad of paper for his partner to try and guess.

Kwanghee, teamed up with graphic novelist Yoon Tae Ho, most famous for his works “Moss” and “Incomplete Life,” had to draw various sports for Yoon Tae Ho to guess.

Several sports were drawn and guessed without incident, but when the clue “wrestling” came up, the entire cast and crew cracked up with Kwanghee’s rushed illustration.

kwanghee infinite challenge

Kwanghee, in a hurry with the clock winding down, said, “What? It’s right!” and Yoon Tae Ho, still laughing, said the correct answer for Kwanghee. Clearly, wrestling.

Already started on drawing the next clue, Kwanghee ends up speeding through several clues, to the dismay of the rest of the cast.

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