Lim Ji Yeon Says She Wants To Date, Talks About Favorite Scene With Park Hyung Sik

On the June 12 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” actress Lim Ji Yeon sits down for an interview to discuss her relationship status and her most memorable romantic drama scene to date.

Regarding her love life, the star confesses, “Lately, I’ve been wanting to start dating. I usually like going to the movies alone, but recently, I’ve seen couples everywhere. That made me think [and develop an interest in dating].”

Laughing shyly, she adds, “I prefer younger men over older men.”

lim ji yeon

She then chooses her personal favorite romantic scene out of her acting projects so far, and says, “The hotel scene that I shot with Park Hyung Sik.” The two engaged in on-screen romance for the SBS drama “High Society” last year.

Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon is currently starring on SBS’s “Jackpot.”

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