GOT7’s Jackson And BamBam Promise To Arrange Calls With Girl Group Members On “Real Men”

GOT7’s Jackson and BamBam said the magic words “Suzy” and “TWICE” on this week’s episode of “Real Men.”

On the June 12 episode of the MBC variety show, the cast members enter a new training facility for specialized training as privates.

Upon arriving at the battalion camp, the members are greeted by new senior soldiers and it’s once again time for a round of self-introductions.

real men jackson bambam

The only boy group members, Jackson and BamBam are immediately asked if they are close with any girl group members. The GOT7 members confidently respond, “We’re close with all JYP girl groups.”

real men jackson bambam

Hearing this, the sergeant asks if they’re able to call any girl group members from the military. Causing all the soldiers to burst into excited cheers, Jackson and BamBam respond, “We can arrange calls with TWICE or Suzy or anyone you want. We’re close with all of them.”

real men jackson bambam

Viewers then get a preview of the GOT7 members and senior soldiers giving a video call to a mysterious girl group member. Any guesses who they called?

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