GOT7’s BamBam Surprises “Real Men” Trainer By Revealing His Voice Hasn’t Broken Yet

GOT7’s BamBam surprises their military instructor when he tells him that his voice has yet to break.

The pair enlistment special continues on the June 12 episode of MBC’s “Real Men,” with the tandems of Park Chan Ho and Woo Ji Won, Ryu Seung Soo and Jo Jae Yoon, GOT7’s Jackson and BamBam, and Lee Sang Ho and Lee Sang Min, who successfully complete the first part of their training.

The soldiers bid goodbye to a frightening trainer, dubbed the Viper Instructor, who they have grown fond with. The trainer sends off each soldier with a hug and some encouraging words.

When he stops to speak to former baseball player Park Chan Ho, he tells him, “You did well. I have been a fan of yours since my childhood. You took on the role of squad leader, so I was sterner with you on purpose.”

jackson park chan ho

Park Chan Ho then asks him, “Since when were you my fan?”

The trainer answers it was since he was in junior high school, causing the soldiers’ surprise and laughter at the age gap.

Furthermore, the Viper Instructor says that he hopes BamBam will act in a manlier manner, to which BamBam responds with a “Yes, Sir!”

He points out that BamBam’s voice lacks power, and the idol explains that it’s because his voice has not broken yet.


He continues, “I haven’t even grown armpit hair yet,” causing the Viper Instructor to be taken aback at the unexpected reply.

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