Watch: Ha Hyun Woo Performs One Last Time As Our Neighborhood Music General

Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun Woo returns to the “King of Masked Singer” stage once more to put on a special performance!

On the June 12 episode of the show, the singer walks onto stage wearing his iconic mask to put on a spectacular opening performance alongside his bandmates. He sings Guckkasten’s newest track, “PULSE,” as opposed to covering another artist’s song.

He shows off his explosive singing abilities and powerful charisma before proceeding to de-mask himself during the song’s refrain, igniting cheers from the audience members. He continues the rest of the song with a smile on his face.

Ha Hyun Woo

This performance was extra special because it was a comeback stage for the band. Regarding this, Ha Hyun Woo says, “Through ‘King of Mask Singer’ I experienced and learned a lot. I also received a lot of love from many people through this show. When I thought about how to repay this gratitude, I wanted to let everyone listen to our new song on this very stage.”

He also adds, “I was always alone on stage, but I am the vocal of the band Guckkasten. So, I wanted to embark on this new start alongside my members.”

Ha Hyun Woo Escape Unemployment

Before leaving the stage, the singer offers advice to the new current champion, a contestant using the alias Escape Unemployment. As the longest reigning champion of the show, Ha Hyun Woo maintained his position with nine impressive wins before he was finally defeated last week by contestant Escape Unemployment.

Hilariously, with his voice changed as it was when his identity had to be conceled, he says, “You have to at least stay for a month so that you can receive a salary. So, after you stay a month, I suggest you change your costume first.” His words refer to how he revealed last week that he regretted his costume choice because of how suffocating it was.

Finally, Ha Hyun Woo addresses all the loyal viewers and promises, “I will appear in front of everyone through more stages and broadcasts. Thank you for supporting me until now.”

Watch this legendary champion perform for the last time as Our Neighborhood Music General below!

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