Yoo Hae Jin Surprises “Three Meals A Day” Cast With Belated Addition To The Show

Actor Yoo Hae Jin is joining Cha Seung Won, Son Ho Joon, and Nam Joo Hyuk on “Three Meals A Day – Gochang Edition!”

The production staff stated on June 13, “The background of the new season is Gochang in Jeollabukdo (North Jeolla Province). Actor Yoo Hae Jin has been confirmed as a fixed member for the new season.”

Yoo Hae Jin’s participation in the show has been unclear up until now due to his film schedule. However, the movie production company gave him permission to appear and tweaked his schedule and Yoo Hae Jin was able to join the cast late.

Cha Seung Won, who regretted that Yoo Hae Jin was not able to participate, was shocked when Yoo Hae Jin surprised him on set.

The new season will air starting July 1.

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