SISTAR Says New Showcase And Album Are On A Whole New Level

SISTAR is planning a huge showcase in honor of the release of their fourth mini-album on June 21.

On June 13, Starship Entertainment stated, “SISTAR is planning a big comeback showcase for their upcoming mini-album and will be performing their new song for the first time. This showcase will be broadcast live all over the world.”

They added, “The showcase and album was planned over a long time with the best production staff. The album will be on a high level due to the amount of preparation that went in it.” This is SISTAR’s first comeback in a year since last year’s “Shake It.”

SISTAR has been releasing their “Riddle Promotion” through their social media. The promotional images have included mysterious silhouettes, intense gazes, and blurry lyrics that are building anticipation for the album.

“The goal of the ‘Riddle Promotion’ was to minimize the distance between SISTAR and their fans. It’s an interactive communication that gives a hint about the new album.”

The showcase will be held on June 20 at the Yes24 Live Hall and include a “media showcase” and a “fan showcase.”

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