f(x)’s Luna Explains Why She Purposely Gained Weight Before Solo Debut

On June 13’s episode of “Hello Counselor,” f(x)’s Luna, Baek A Yeon, Lee Jung Min, and Heyne appear to give advice to those who have submitted their concerns to the show.

At the beginning, one of the hosts says to the female singer guests, “You all seem to diet before your albums come out, you look so pretty!” But when asked how much weight she’s lost recently, Luna says, “In my case, I actually put on weight.”

“I have to sing tracks with high notes, so I need strength,” she explains. “Since last year, I’ve gained about 3 kilograms.”

luna hello counselor 1

Luna recently made her solo debut with the track “Free Somebody” off her first solo mini album of the same name.

Watch more of Luna on this week’s episode of “Hello Counselor”!

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