SM Entertainment, Kris, and Luhan Have Additional Arbitration Meeting

The legal disputes between SM Entertainment and former EXO members Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Luhan continues.

On June 13, the parties underwent additional arbitration at Seoul Central District Court. A compulsory arbitration is when the court decides on a settlement between the plaintiff and the defendant when the two parties fail to reach a decision.

The case concerning the validity or invalidity of their exlusive contracts was at the center of the discussion. Unfortunately, the parties seem to have been unable to overcome differences in opinion.

The arbitration meeting took approximately an hour and 30 minutes. Previously, the three parties’s last arbitration meeting was in September 2015. It appears as though their next arbitration date will not be revealed.

Before going into the arbitration meeting, the legal representative for Kris and Luhan spoke with news outlets and commented, “I cannot speak in detail due to the importance of maintaining secrecy.” Following the arbitration meeting, he repeated, “Since the case is ongoing, you will have to check with [court].”

Kris and Luhan filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment in May and October of 2014. They cited the length of the contract, treatment from the company, unfair profit distribution, and other reasons for the invalidity of their exclusive contracts. SM Entertainment has argued against their claims and stated that their contracts are valid. In response, the court ordered for compulsory arbitration between the three parties.

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