Oh Min Seok Talks About The Possibility Of Dating Former “We Got Married” Virtual Wife Kang Ye Won

On the June 14 episode of SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” actors Kim Sang Ho and Oh Min Seok came on as guests to promote their latest film “Proof of Innocence.”

During the show, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asks Oh Min Seok, “You filmed ‘We Got Married‘ with Kang Ye Won. Is there any possibility of actually dating her since you did that program together?”

Oh Min Seok replies, “I think this is different than dating. Of course, we had good feelings about each other, and we matched well during filming. Even now, although we don’t call each other every day, we support and cheer each other on when we have an event or something like that to attend.”

Choi Hwa Jung persists, “But maybe you can date after the program’s over?”

Oh Min Seok answers, “Since the program itself showed what happened as we dated, we are a bit careful around each other even now that filming is over. Viewers have told us to date too, and too much attention is centered on that. We’re good friends now.”

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Do you miss the Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won couple?

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