Go Behind The Scenes With FIESTAR On The “Apple Pie” MV Set

Girl group FIESTAR takes fans behind the scenes on the set of the music video set for their latest release “Apple Pie.”

Jei comments about their comeback, “I think the most important point is that we have for the first time in a long time made a comeback with a refreshing song. You can see extremely cute sides of ourselves.”

Jei can’t help but tease rapper Yezi who wears a bow for one of her outfits in the music video, “It’s a historical moment today. Yezi has worn a ribbon.” All the while Yezi doesn’t look nearly as excited as Jei is about her new accessory.

You can catch more of FIESTAR’s behind-the-scenes antics below.

FIESTAR made a comeback with digital single “Apple Pie” on May 31 and is currently promoting the track on music shows.