Kris Faces Accusations From Alleged Girlfriends And Bed Photos

Former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) is facing reports concerning individuals claiming to be his girlfriend. Both individuals have uploaded photos of themselves in bed with a man they claim is Kris.

First, an individual referred to as “A” posted a photo on her Weibo account claiming that the person sleeping in the photo is Kris. She wrote about how she had been dating Kris but he suddenly cut off contact. Furthermore, she posted, “If you’re going to break up shouldn’t you at least say the words?”

“A” posted the photo below:

Kris A girlfriend

Following her post, Kris’s workshop posted an official statement through their Weibo and stated, “Her claims are lies and we plan on having her take strong responsibility for defamation. We will take legal action against all rumors.”

However, another individual named “B” has made similar claims and also posted a photo.

Kris B girlfriend

Following this, many other individuals have come forward showing support for “A” and “B” and claiming that they are also victims.

Meanwhile, the original posts have been deleted.

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