Seo In Guk Talks About His History Of On-Screen Relationships With Girls’ Generation Members

On June 15, Seo In Guk, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Ma Dong Seok, and director Han Dong Hwa attended the press conference for their upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Squad 38.”

This drama is about a special police task force that teams up with criminals to use their skills of fraud and deception to catch tax invaders.

During the event, Seo In Guk mentions, “I worked with [Girls’ Generation’s] YoonA in ‘Love Rain,’ Yuri in ‘No Breathing,’ and now Sooyoung in ’38 Task Force.'”

He continues, “Sooyoung and I deal with a painful story in this drama. YoonA was Jang Geun Suk‘s girl [in ‘Love Rain’], and Yuri was a best friend that I had a crush on in ‘No Breathing.’ Now in this drama, Sooyoung and I in the past…” and almost gives a spoiler.

Sooyoung, who is next to him, asks Seo In Guk, “Are you allowed to say this?” and makes everyone laugh.

When asked about Sooyoung’s charms, Seo In Guk answers, “I don’t know what my relationship with Sooyoung will be like in this drama yet. I’m curious myself to see what my chemistry will be like with Sooyoung.” He adds, “She’s very caring, and most of all, she’s pretty.”

“Squad 38” will begin airing on June 17. Are you looking forward to this drama?

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