15 Powerful K-Pop Songs To Give You Killer Confidence

Nervous about a class presentation, job interview, or final? No worries. We’ve been there, and we know just how to kill those pesky nerves and boost your confidence all the way back up to 100.

In no particular order, here are fifteen adrenaline-boosting, fierce anthems to get your game face on and knock whatever worries you have straight out of the park.

1. 24k – “Super Fly”

The 24k boys have been around for a couple of years now, but “Super Fly” marks one of their most recent comebacks. The song is intense from start to finish, complete with hard-hitting choreography and a crazy addictive hook. All your worries will definitely disappear the moment this track comes on, so make sure you’re ready to conquer the world.

2. Basick – “Stand Up (feat. MAMAMOO)”

The beat to this alone easily makes it an anthem. Rapper Basick collaborates with vocal powerhouses MAMAMOO for a hip-hop track that’s sure to hype you up and push you on the track to fearlessly follow your dreams.

The lyrics are all about acting on your goals and passions, instead of only dreaming about it. So, if you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t ever accomplish what you want to, this is the song to turn on and shake off all those negative doubts.

3. HyunA – “Change (feat. Junhyung of BEAST)”

Remember this iconic solo track from 2010? With “Change,” HyunA motivated us all to take control of our lives and change for the better.

Just like the song says, you don’t have to stay the way you’ve always been. You don’t have to be the way everyone else wants you to be, either. You can “change” any time you want. This throwback track will always remind us of that.

4. 2NE1 – “Crush”

2NE1 has countless fierce songs, from classic “I Am The Best” and “Fire” to empowering “I Don’t Care” and “Ugly.” But let’s face it: there’s no way you won’t be ready to tackle your problems head-on the moment you hear “Crush.” This song embodies every aspect of confidence, and it has the bold beat to match.

Plus, with CL shouting “Come and get it I kill” along with the flood of chants toward the end, how can you not be ready to completely take on the world?

5. EXO – “Monster”

Okay, so this one may not have lyrics about confidence, but it’s such a hype song that it’s definitely sure to shake off your nerves.

Thanks to EXO constantly exceeding expectations, “Monster” has been my personal go-to pre-work song since “EX’ACT” dropped. It’s super addictive and energetic, and the song’s choreography only makes you love it even more. If you ever need a song to get your game face on, this is it.

6. MONSTA X – “Hero”

There’s just something about the way Jooheon growls “Monsta, Monsta” at the beginning.

MONSTA X’s “Hero” has one of those beats you just can’t shake from your head no matter how hard you try. The aggressive raps from I.M and Jooheon coupled with such a dynamic instrumental and hook make for the perfect soundtrack to get your power walk on and begin your day.

7. AOA – “Good Luck”

Don’t be fooled by the summer vibes of this music video: the girls of AOA are as confident as ever in most recent comeback “Good Luck,” and they’re here to let you know.

The tune features a brassy instrumental that complements the girls’ voices well, plus lyrics that highlight confidence. Put this on your playlist, and you’ll be confidently strutting down streets just like AOA in no time.

8. Girls’ Generation – “The Boys”

Classics never get old, and this is especially true for Girls’ Generation’s legendary hit “The Boys.” Not only did they drop an English version and perform on countless American talk shows, but they also gifted us with an anthem that will continually motivate us to get our lives together.

9. BTS – “Silver Spoon”

Choreography-heavy hits like “Dope” and “Fire” are already known as strong songs, but “Silver Spoon” is a track that isn’t as known outside of the BTS fandom. Famous for their meaningful lyrics, BTS couples their lyrical artistry with throbbing bass for a lively B-track that could’ve doubled as a title track.

10. 4Minute – Crazy

Who could forget the level of artistry in this one? “Crazy” was everything to us last year, and it’ll continue to be a standout anthem well into the future.

It’s so sad to hear that the group has disbanded, but at least they left us with more than enough hits to remember them by. If nothing else, we’ll always have the music.

11. B.A.P – “Warrior”

B.A.P is constantly dropping bold songs like “No Mercy” and “One Shot” to hike up our confidence. “Warrior” is no different. No one can tell you anything when you’ve got this blasting in your ears. This debut hit will psych you up to face any challenge, and you’ll feel like the strongest warrior while you’re out doing it, too.

12. Jessi – “SSENUNNI”

Jessi is definitely someone who exudes nothing but confidence, so it’s no questioning why “Ssenunni” is the perfect cure for nerves. The song pairs Jessi’s deep voice with an aggressive rap beat that’s pretty hard not to bump to, and you’ll definitely be as confident as Jessi is by the time the song’s over.

13. Block B – “Very Good”

Never a group to shy away from their tough side, Block B brings the heat in 2013 track “Very Good.” The hook to this is so intense, your nerves will pretty much evaporate the moment the beat drops. Plus, how can this track not fire us up when it features Zico’s iconic “How many fake MCs out there? Turn up!” line?

14. GD & TOP – “Zutter”

Of course, this list couldn’t be complete without one BIGBANG song. “Zutter” is an instant classic from the legendary group’s rap line. Although the beat is a bit more subdued than most of the songs on this list, that doesn’t make the song any less powerful.

G-Dragon and T.O.P have already proven their solid rap prowess with their own songs, so putting them together on “Zutter” is an easy formula for a lively, confidence-boosting hit.

15. Yezi – “Cider”

“Unpretty Rapstar 2” truly put FIESTAR’s rapper Yezi on the map, and she displayed her stunning lyrical flow not long after the competition wrapped. Known for the fierce “Crazy Dog” rap she featured on the rap show, Yezi gives us another fiery hit with her official solo debut single “Cider.”

It has a catchy beat that’s easy to listen to, but Yezi’s rap will make sure you’re ready to tackle any problems that come your way.

What songs help get rid of your nerves? Let us know in the comments below!

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