Jung Woo And Kim Yoo Mi Are Expecting Their First Child

On June 16, news outlet TV Report revealed that newlyweds Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi are expecting their first child. Kim Yoo Mi has been revealed to be three months pregnant.

Jung Woo’s agency FNC Entertainment spoke about the news and confirmed, “Jung Woo’s wife Kim Yoo Mi is currently in her third month of pregnancy. Please congratulate them with us as it is good news.”

Likewise, Kim Yoo Mi’s agency Yuleum Entertainment said, “Kim Yoo Mi will be focusing on prenatal care. They are very happy about the pregnancy.”

Kim Yoo Mi is spending most of her time at home and at the hospital. While Jung Woo is busy filming for the movie “Retrial,” he checks on his wife whenever he has time.

The newlyweds got married on January 16 and had a small wedding at a church. Having met while filming the movie “Red Family,” the couple got married after dating for three years.

Congratulations to Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi!

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