Block B’s Agency Seven Seasons Changes Its Name

Block B’s agency Seven Seasons has changed its name to KQ Entertainment.

On its official homepage, Block B’s agency announced that they changed its name “in hopes to branch out more and improve our management and development of various artists.”

Seven Seasons KQ Entertainment

To be more exact, KQ Entertainment now consists of, and will be co-managed, by two separate sub-labels, Seven Seasons, which is a label solely in charge of managing Block B, and KQ Produce, a label in charge of songwriters and producers.

An affiliate of the agency states, “Seven Seasons will continue to manage Block B, while KQ Produce will start to recruit more artists capable of producing.”

They also explain, “In order to release music in a more systematic format, different professionals in charge of planning, promoting, producing, etc, are currently fufilling their given tasks. We decided to change the agency’s name, as well as make the distinction between the two sub-labels in order to fortify this systematic approach and also to discover a variety of artists.”

KQ Entertainment will hold auditions to recruit singer-songwriters and creators.

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