Watch: BEAST Releases Dreamy Prologue Video for “Highlight”

BEAST finally releases their first teaser video for their upcoming comeback!

In the “prologue,” each member has a forlorn expression on their face, and seem to be reminiscing about something. They stand or sit in different places, surrounded by greenery all around.

Each member looks like they are about to leave, when a ribbon wraps around their wrists, stopping their movements. Unlike the teaser images, the ribbons are black as opposed to white. It’s as if something is both figuratively and literally holding them back from moving on.

In the background, a lush orchestra plays a melancholy tune, accented by a guitar streaming. In the beginning, a strong beat can be heard as well, before it mellows out.

Watch the dream-like video here!

Meanwhile, the entire full album will be released on July 4, at 12 a.m. KST.