CLC’s Eunbin Unable To Attend Fan Sign Event Due To Illness

Cube Entertainment previously informed fans that CLC’s Eunbin would be unable to attend a fan sign event at a bookstore in Yeouido, Seoul on June 17.

On June 18, Cube Entertainment revealed that Eunbin had been throwing up since the morning of June 17. Considering the poor state of her health, Cube Entertainment decided she should not attend the fan sign event in order for her to rest and focus on recuperation.

The fan sign event took place with the other members including Seunghee, Yeeun, Sorn, Seungyeon, Yujin, and Elkie.

Meanwhile, CLC are busy promoting their new mini-album “NU.CLEAR” along with their title track “No Oh Oh.”

We hope Eunbin makes a full recovery soon!

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