Song Triplets Enjoy Dessert After Exercising

The Song triplets are still looking adorable as ever in a recent update from Song Il Gook.

On June 18, Song Il Gook posted a snapshot of his sons on Instagram accompanied by the caption, “Ice cream after exercising.”

The image shows Daehan, Minguk, and Manse wearing matching bright green windbreakers and white helmets as they happily wolf down ice cream sundaes.

Daehan is completely focused on his ice cream and Minguk looks delighted by his dessert with his eyes shut tightly. Meanwhile, Manse opens his mouth wide for a spoonful.

The Song triplets seem so pleased with their sundaes that they pay no attention to the pastry laid out in front of them.

The post received comments from netizens such as, “I thought they were all grown up, but they still look like babies,” and “Seeing them after so long gives me healing.”

It’s nice to see them doing well!

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