Chanyeol Talks About How EXO Has Become Closer Over The Years On “Entertainment Weekly”

On June 18’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” the guys of EXO sit down for an interview after rehearsing for their performance on “Music Bank.”

When asked what kind of commercials the group wants to film, Suho says, “An air-conditioner commercial!” and jokes that Sehun’s superpower just happens to be wind. He also adds that he and Xiumin could do a water purifier commercial, since their powers are water and ice.

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The guys joke that they could all do a commercial for each of their powers, such as Chanyeol’s fire superpower being put to use in an ad for a boiler. Chanyeol seems to like the idea, and gives a thumbs up to the camera.

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When asked what’s changed about the group since their debut, Chanyeol says, “Lately I’ve been thinking a lot that all nine of us have become a lot closer, and tighter as a group. To be honest, in the beginning we used to argue a lot.”

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Sehun and Suho seem to take issue with that, and Sehun chimes in to ask, “We don’t argue anymore?” Chanyeol cracks the others up by admitting, “We still argue a lot.”

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Watch more of EXO on June 18’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly”!

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