Watch: Solar Fearlessly Protects Eric Nam On “We Got Married”

On June 18’s episode of “We Got Married,” MAMAMOO’s Solar takes her virtual husband Eric Nam to a traditional village for a special date.

The pair don traditional clothes called hanbok for their adventure, and Solar tells him that they’ll be pretending to be characters in a classic Korean fairytale for the day. They take some pretty photos against the beautiful backdrop of the village, Solar shows off her best model walk on a bridge, and they act out a scene from the fairytale on the swings.

Solar explains to him that in this scene, the male character falls in love with the female character as she plays on the swings, and Eric Nam eagerly acts it out with her. She then sets up a jump rope, and asks Eric Nam to jump in. “If I do, will you be mine?” he asks romantically. But rather than be impressed by his smooth comment, she answers coolly, “Give it a shot!”

The pair also get to take a ride on a horse together, with Eric Nam holding on to her from behind, although it’s a bit less romantic and more scary than they’d expected at first!

Eric Nam and Solar also head into the police station of the village, where visitors can join in the fun by pretending to be punished for their “crimes.” Two of the actors drag Eric Nam towards a platform and have him lie down to be punished.

Pretending to be enraged, Solar yells out, “Hey, you jerks, what are you doing?!” and grabs a weapon that was on the ground, wielding it in the air.

One of the actors explains to the magistrate that Eric Nam is making it hard for all the men of Korea because he’s so gentlemanly, and Eric Nam laughs and apologizes as he bows.

Solar then grabs their camera and yells, “I’m going to put all of you up on social media!”

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