Jung Eun Ji And Lee Seung Chul Pair Up In Emotional Duet For “Immortal Song”

The June 18 episode of KBS’s “Immortal Song” featured veteran singer Lee Seung Chul pairing up with six powerful vocalists.

In the episode, MC Shin Dong Yup says at one point, “Lee Seung Chul told me that he fell in love with this singer about three times. Once for her powerful vocals, once for her outstanding looks, and once for her kind heart.”

To the curious audience, the singer was revealed to be A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji!

Before the performance, Lee Seung Chul helped soothe Jung Eun Ji, who was very nervous, and helped her with various details as the senior singer.

The two of them sang “Destiny” from the “Firebird” OST. Although everyone admired the emotional and affecting performance, Jung Eun Ji was not able to top Kim Feel’s votes.

Watch her performance below!

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