EXO Discusses Being Called “Record Breaking Machines” And The Pressure Of Expectations

As it is with every EXO comeback, wallets become lighter and records are broken. It is no different with EXO’s recent comeback with their third studio album, “EX’ACT.”

EXO killed the charts with title track “Monster,” and lined up other songs from their album in the charts, as well. Within 6 days, EXO pre-sold 660,000 copies of “EX’ACT,” quickly approaching a million copies even before the album’s release; if “EX’ACT” reaches a million sold, it will be the third to do so out of three albums for EXO.

On behalf of EXO, leader Suho spoke to OSEN regarding the success of the recent album. “There are so many people that we were thankful to throughout album productions. We prepared the album as one, and the members were quite determined, as well.” He continued, “We’re so thankful for EXO-Ls and everyone for supporting our album, and we as EXO have become more confident as a team, too.”

Suho also spoke about the group always breaking records. “We’re proud [about breaking records], but we strongly believe it’s something we achieve with the fans, so we would like it if fans were proud of themselves and happy, too. It would be great if we could have a party with EXO-Ls every time there’s a new record.”

He expressed thanks at being deemed “record breaking machines,” while also saying that they do worry and feel the pressure to consistently see great results and meet records. “While we probably won’t always be able to break records in the future, our mindset will always improve, and we’ll continue to work towards showing constantly improved [performances] and better music.”

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