GOT7’s Jackson Sheds Tears While Thinking About His Mother On “Real Men”

On the June 19 episode of MBC’s variety show “Real Men,” GOT7’s Jackson is unable to hold back his tears while expressing his love for his mother.

In this episode, the cast members sit down to write letters to their loved ones.

When Jackson is asked to share what he wrote, he starts to read with tears gradually forming in his eyes, “I started thinking about you while having a meal here. It reminded me of the times when I was an athlete and after finishing my training, I would go home and you would cook me food.”

real men jackson

“Mom, I hope you’ll be healthy and won’t get sick. I love you a lot. I’ll call you once I get discharged,” he finally says with tears rolling down his face.

real men jackson

Hearing this, one of the senior instructors says to Jackson, “It seems that you’ve felt your parents’ love. People say they truly feel loved by their parents while serving in the military.”

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