Update: gugudan Shares 2nd Teaser For Debut “Wonderland” MV

Update June 27 KST:

Get another hint of gugudan’s new music video for “Wonderland” in their second teaser below!

Update June 26 KST:

Girl group gugudan is giving us a sneak peek at their upcoming MV “Wonderland” with a teaser video. Watch it below!

Update June 24 KST:

Give a listen to gugudan’s album highlight medley below and find out which song could be your jam!

Update June 23 KST:

Girl group gugudan has now released an album cover image for their debut!


Update June 22 KST:

New girl group gugudan has now released part two of their “Welcome to gugudan Theatre” debut film! In this new video, the group works together to rehearse “The Little Mermaid” together. Check it out below!


On June 20, Jellyfish Entertainment’s new girl group gugudan released its first adorable debut film!

In the video, the nine members are introduced one by one, as they all smile at the camera. They seem to each be to be in charge of various tasks around the “theatre,” such as manning the snack bar, or putting up posters.

As previously stated, the group will be making their official debut on June 28, with several of teasers coming out before the long-awaited date. It has already gained attention for its unique name, gugudan, which literally translates to “multiplication table” in Korean.

Watch the fun debut film below:

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