Watch: GOT7’s Jackson And BamBam Makes Everyone Laugh With Their Sexy Dancing On “Real Men”

GOT7’s Jackson and BamBam are amazing dancers for sure!

On the June 19 broadcast of MBC’s “Real Men,” Jackson, BamBam and the rest of the squadron returned to their lodgings after a bittersweet day.

The atmosphere is gloomy and, in order to raise everyone’s spirits, the other members ask Jackson to sing or dance for them.

While he hesitates at first because there is no music, he gets up and makes everyone laugh with his powerful, yet sexy dance to their enthusiastic clapping. He even gives a repeat performance upon request.

Then, fellow GOT7 member BamBam offers to dance a part of Girl’s Day’s iconic “Something.” He shows off his own version of the sensual introduction, as well as a part of the chorus.

Watch their dances below!

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