BIGBANG’s Taeyang Tries To Keep A Secret On Camera, And It’s Adorable

The second member teaser — featuring Taeyang — for “BIGBANG Made” was released on June 21, following up G-Dragon’s teaser from the previous day.

Although Taeyang’s teaser is also a preview of an interview, the mood is so different from G-Dragon’s, which was quite heavy, with G-Dragon tearing up as he spoke about the group’s — and fans’ — fears.

In this teaser, Taeyang immediately says, “It’s a secret. Confidential.”

His face just has “I can’t tell you” written all over it.

taeyang bigbang made 1

He has trouble finding words.

taeyang bigbang made 2

And it’s adorable. In fact…

I see no difference.

taeyang bigbnag made 9

Looking utterly uncomfortable, he REALLY can’t say.

taeyang bigbang made 00

But we know he’s going to.

“BIGBANG Made” premieres in theaters on June 30.

Until then…

You can watch the teaser here.

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