Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Cast For “Reply” Series Because…?

On the recent episode of “Taxi” that aired on June 21, the “Reply” team, Go Ara, Sung Dong Il, and producer Shin Won Ho, appeared on the show and revealed the story behind how the stars got their roles.

During the show, Go Ara thinks back to the time when she was auditioning for “Reply 1994” and says that she cried during the meeting. She says, “I didn’t tell him this because it’s cheesy, but I’m so thankful [towards producer Shin Won Ho]. He made it possible to believe in myself. I was so desperate.”

taxi reply2

Sung Dong Il teases the producer, saying, “He picks anyone who cries. Don’t broadcast this part, or else the people auditioning for the fourth season of ‘Reply’ will start crying from the parking lot [of the audition room].”

taxi reply3

Producer Shin Won Ho plays along, adding, “I picked Park Bo Gum because he cried, too.”

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