2PM’s Chansung To Headline New Web Drama With Kyung Soo Jin

2PM’s Chansung is taking on another acting gig!

On June 21, the production company for the drama, H2 Production, confirmed that 2PM’s Chansung and actress Kyung Soo Jin will be playing the main leads in “Romantic Boys” (working title).

“Romantic Boys” follow the story of a diverse group of young adult professionals, including an event organizer, chef, webtoon writer, fashion designer, interior designer, and classical singer, as they chase their dreams and look for love.

Kyung Soo Jin will play Baek Seol Hee, a character whose overactive adrenal gland leads to bouts of stress-induced hysteria. Chansung will play her ex-lover Wang Ji Sung who still loves her deeply. Oh, and just to make things interesting, they end up living in the same house together due to inevitable circumstances.

Actor Han Joo Wan will play the male supporting role, completing out the love triangle.

“Romantic Boys” is slated for release this September on both Korean and Chinese video sites.

Are you looking forward to this web drama?

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