Kim Min Hee’s Mother And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife Exchange Texts About Affair

Update June 22 KST:

Hong Sang Soo’s family has stated that the text messages published by Woman Sense were fabricated.

Original June 22 KST:

On June 22, Woman Sense revealed new information regarding Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soo’s affair.

The monthly magazine held an interview with Hong Sang Soo’s wife and revealed text messages between her and Kim Min Hee’s mother.

The text messages were sent on September 30 after Hong Sang Soo left his wife and daughter. Below are the text messages:

Hong Sang Soo’s wife: “Please help your daughter control her feelings. I am so distressed.”

Kim Min Hee’s mother: “Whose heart hurts more, a wife whose husband cheated or a mom whose daughter who has fallen in love with a married man?”

Hong Sang Soo’s wife: “You seem to not understand the feelings of a woman whose husband got stolen from her. Ask who will have a harder time to someone close to you.”

Kim Min Hee’s mother: “My heart is crying right now.”

Hong Sang Soo’s wife: “Your daughter is an adulteress who ruined a happy family.”

Kim Min Hee’s mother: “I raised my daughter well. Do not speak recklessly.”

Hong Sang Soo’s wife: “I don’t think this is a situation where you can tell me how well you raised your daughter.”

Kim Min Hee’s mother: “You are also a mother who is raising a daughter.”

Hong Sang Soo’s wife: “This is a situation where apologizing to me 100 times for raising your daughter poorly and making a family experience this pain is not enough.”

Kim Min Hee’s mother: “The director will return once he realizes something.”

Furthermore, Hong Sang Soo’s wife revealed that the director stopped providing for his daughter’s university fees. She said, “My husband director Hong Sang Soo said he could no longer support paying for the study abroad fees for our daughter [after meeting Kim Min Hee].”

She continued, “He said that since the film industry learned of his relationship with Kim Min Hee she was not receiving any offers for commercials and films. So he said that’s why he had to support Kim Min Hee’s economic losses.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo have yet to reveal their official stance regarding the news of their reported affair.

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