Update: SONAMOO Reveals “I Like U Too Much” MV Teaser

Updated June 24 KST:

SONAMOO has revealed their music video trailer for “I Like U Too Much.” Check it out below!


sonamoo I Like U Too Much

With their comeback set for next week, SONAMOO has revealed their highlight medley for their third mini album “I Like U Too Much.”

The six songs previewed are “Closer”, “Sense Man”, “B.F.”, “I Like U Too Much”, “Sugar” and “I Do Love You.”

From the sound of their title track “I Like U Too Much”, it seems like they are going for a brighter image than their previous songs.

TS Entertainment previously revealed that the members will transform into ideal types for their music video, playing off the individual characteristics and styles of the members.

The music video teaser is scheduled to be released tomorrow.

It has almost been a year since the group released their second mini album “Cushion” in July 2015.