BIGBANG’s Daesung Gets To The Heart In Newest Promo Video For “BIGBANG MADE”

On June 23, BIGBANG released a new promotional video for the group’s upcoming film “BIGBANG MADE.”

This video features member Daesung who speaks candidly about how much he cherishes being an artist and being able to go on tour.

“I thought about what I could do if my voice didn’t come out anymore, and I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do any of the things I’ve done until now,” Daesung says.

“How great is it that I can even do this. Later, even if I want to do it I might not be able to. Maybe it was because I had these thoughts before touring, but there was something poignant [about the tour],” Daesung continues. “…Like I was in a dream.”

Meanwhile, “BIGBANG MADE” will be hitting CGV theaters in Korea on June 30.

You can watch the full teaser on V Live here. Subs in multiple languages are available. You can also check out BIGBANG’s previous teasers featuring TaeyangG-Dragon, and T.O.P.

Stay tuned for Seungri’s teaser next!