Leeteuk’s Abs Are A Sight For Sore Eyes In “Law of the Jungle”

According to SBS on June 23, Super Junior’s Leeteuk showed off his survival instincts in the latest filming for “Law of the Jungle.”

In the upcoming episode, Leeteuk creates a hammock with tree vines, and in order to show off how strong the hammock is, he gets on top of the tree but in the blink of an eye lets out a cry and drops to the ground.

Super Junior Leeteuk2

He has been attacked by ants that were on the tree, and as viewers who have been following his journey on “Law of the Jungle” know, Leeteuk has had a fear of ants from the start. Leeteuk tries to shake off the ants with the help of staff but to no avail, leading Leeteuk to strip off his shirt.

It’s no secret that Leeteuk’s got abs, but let’s just say Leeteuk’s abs are still going strong despite the singer’s new environment.

This episode of “Law of the Jungle” will air on June 24 at 10 p.m. KST.

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