EXO’s Kai Tears Up While Addressing Fans During Recent Fanmeeting

On June 22, EXO’s Kai and D.O. held a joint fanmeeting, where they were able to interact with the fans one on one.

At the end, both members addressed the audience as a whole, during which Kai confesses, “I’m not sure if my feelings or the words I want to say were properly conveyed during our brief conversations. If given the opportunity, one day I want to talk to you guys for a long time.”

Expressing his inner thoughts, he also says, “I’ll always work hard, and won’t be injured. I’m sorry. I think many of you were worried because I’ve been injured so often. I won’t get hurt [from now on].

The idol previously sustained an ankle injury back in March, although he still participated in the group’s concerts at the time.

Feeling apologetic to the fans, Kai tears up while strongly reiterating, “I will work really hard.”

D.O. adds, in encouragement, “He doesn’t really show or express it, but he really has a pure and sensitive heart.”

Meanwhile, EXO has been setting record after record with their newest album, “EX’ACT.”

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