Watch: iKON’s Bobby And His Dad Enjoy The Rain And Talk About His Goals On “Daddy And Me”

June 23’s episode of tvN’s “Daddy and Me” continues to follow iKON’s Bobby and his father on their trip in Hawaii!

The pair are driving around in a rented convertible when Bobby decides to put the top down, because it’s raining! “Alright! Oh man!” he yells in excitement when he takes down the top and starts to feel the raindrops, before admiring the stars he can see ahead.

ikon bobby 2

The pair then enjoy the light rain as they sing along with the radio in their car. Bobby’s father explains in his private interview that they both love the rain, and that when it rained when Bobby was little, they used to put on dirty laundry and run outside to enjoy it.

They then go to an Italian restaurant, where they sit down for dinner together. While they’re eating, Bobby’s father asks him if he feels like he’s getting closer to achieving his goals.

“No, not at all,” replies Bobby as he devours his food. “You’re not even in the neighborhood, yet?” asks his dad, and Bobby replies that he hasn’t even begun yet, although he says it’s great that he’s debuted with iKON.

His father asks if there’s anyone he’s trying to measure up to, and Bobby says, “I’ve never once thought of myself as cool. But you know, they say that painters are never pleased with their paintings.”

His father, who is a painter himself, agrees and says that artists are always unsatisfied with their work, and that he’s never felt like his works are finished even after he’s signed them. “I’m always like that when I’m writing songs,” replies Bobby.

Watch more of Bobby and his father on this week’s episode of “Daddy and Me”!