South Korea Ranks Low Among Countries In Trust In The News

A recent international report has found that South Korea ranks very low when it comes to people’s trust in news sources.

The report was titled “Media Issues” and published by the Korea Press Foundation media research center on June 21. The report compares the consumption of news in 26 countries, including South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Spain, and Brazil.

The researchers found that South Korea has a “particularly high level of online news consumption,” with a relatively low ranking for using printed media.

Both Japan and South Korea both ranked as having the lowest levels of interest in hard news (international issues, politics, economics) and highest in soft news (lifestyle, sports, entertainment).

The report also noted that Koreans have historically placed low trust in news organizations, which has recently been exacerbated by issues such as the Sewol ferry sinking and the outbreak of MERS.

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