Police Provide Update On Kim Sung Min’s Comatose State

Updated June 26 KSTActor Kim Sung Min Receives Final Diagnosis Of Brain Death

Original June 24 KST:

Following the news of actor Kim Sung Min found comatose after a suicide attempt, many have been concerned about his state.

The police revealed, “Kim Sung Min is currently unconscious and dependent on a ventilator. Doctors have said he is in critical condition and likelihood for recovery is low but his progress will have to be monitored for two to three days.”

They continued, “Since his wife and son were there, we have to examine the situation more.”

Earlier today, his son called the police and said his father was assaulting his mother. The police arrived and the mother explained they had an argument. Following this, the mother and son left their home. Kim Sung Min’s wife later called the police and asked them to check on her husband which led to the police discovering him unconscious.

Kim Sung Min has struggled with drug charges since 2011. Unfortunately, he relapsed in 2013 and was charged once again. He was discharged from prison last January.

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