Agency Of Shinhwa’s Jun Jin Strongly Confronts Baseless Dating Rumors

In response to reports of Shinhwa’s Jun Jin supposedly dating, his agency makes it clear they will not stand for baseless rumors being spread around.

On June 24, Jun Jin’s agency, Daydream Entertainment, wrote on their official site, “We would like clear up and state that the report from one media outlet about Jun Jin dating is groundless. Said media outlet already confirmed with us that the rumors were baseless before the report went live, so we feel confused and embarrassed by what was written and released.”

They further explain, “Jun Jin does not currently have a girlfriend, and contrary to the report, he appeared as a guest at Shin Hye Sung’s concert on March 13 while accompanied by a company manager.”

Taking a strong stance, the agency concludes, “We will strongly confront the media outlet who has brought damage to Jun Jin’s honor with its false and harmful reports, and we will severely hold any further speculative articles accountable under the law.”

Earlier today, a media outlet reported that Jun Jin was in a seven-month long relationship with a woman eight years younger than him, and that they supposedly attended Shin Hye Sung’s concert together back in March.

What do you think about his agency’s strong statement?

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