Park Myung Soo Criticized For Comment About Women’s Clothing And Sexual Assault

During the June 20 broadcast of “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” Park Myung Soo got a chance to sit down and talk with a policewoman.

While discussing the problem of crimes committed against women, the tv personality said, “I guess these crimes happen more often now that it’s summer. It’s alright if women wear nice clothes, but I think it’s dangerous for them to wear overly revealing clothing and go out drinking, or things like that.”

After he said this on air, fans started posting comments on his Instagram, saying, “Sexual assault doesn’t happen because of one’s outfit.”

There are mixed reactions to what he said. Some comments say, “Park Myung Soo has a daughter, too, and he said it because he is worried about other girls out there. Don’t you think you all are being too sensitive?”

Others, offended by his words, explain, “I know Park Myung Soo said it out of worry, but I hope he knows that what he implies is that the victim is the one to blame and is the cause of sexual assaults. There is no correlation between one’s outfit and sexual assault.”

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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