Hong Jin Kyung Opens Up About Her Past Struggle With Cancer On “Unni’s Slam Dunk”

On the June 24 broadcast of KBS2 program “Unni’s Slam Dunk,” cast member Hong Jin Kyung reveals her day-to-day life.

As a mother and entrepreneur, she rarely has time to sit down before she heads to the hospital for a health check-up.

Hong Jin Kyung explains that these health check-ups are a regular part of her life, “I get a health check-up once every three months.”

“I’m all better now,” she says, alluding to her past struggle with ovarian cancer.

Reflecting on that season of her life, Hong Jin Kyung shares, “No one who is as young as me gets a health check-up once every three months. But I have been sick before, and I was sorry to my child because [I got sick] right around the time she was starting to walk.”

Hong Jin Kyung

“That’s why I exercised like crazy and got treatment and now I’m all better. I am the real ‘Screening Humanity,'” she says, referring to the KBS documentary show.

What a trooper!

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