Jin Goo Takes On The “Shoot For Love” Challenge To Raise Money For Children With Cancer

Descendants of the Sun” star Jin Goo is paying it forward.

The actor took on the “Shoot for Love” challenge on June 23 at the Goyang Gym in Gyeonggi-do.

Entitled the “Shoot for Love Impossible Mission,” the challenge consists of making a shot from the highest level of the gym, which is 50 meters above the basket. It is the most difficult challenge to date.

Jin Goo3

Past missions have consisted of soccer players shooting at archery targets from 10 meters away, with every point s/he makes converting to donations for children with cancer.

Before taking on the challenge, Jin Goo shares, “It is said that if children with cancer are able to get timely treatment, their survival rate will reach 80 percent. I ask for your interest [in this issue] so that children don’t lose their lives from failing to get treatment due to financial reasons and that we do not stop until [the children] can get treatment.”

Jin Goo adds, “And stay strong to those struggling with childhood cancer.”

Jin Goo

A die-hard fan of the Goyang Orions, Jin Goo has made no secret about his love for basketball. The results of Jin Goo’s mission will be revealed through a video on the “Shoot For Love” official Facebook page on June 28 at 9 p.m. KST.

We’re rooting for you, Jin Goo!

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