Winner Of “Duet Song Festival” Takes First Win In Years With TVXQ’s “Mirotic”

The June 24 episode of MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” featured guests Na Yoon Kwon, Bada, John Park, Song Ji Eun, Im Jung Hee, and Heo Young Saeng.

Bada and her partner opened the show with Baek Ji Young’s “Like Being Hit By A Bullet” and chose not to look at each other once during the performance to imitate the feeling of two lovers separated. John Park teamed up with Ahn Jae Man and covered 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care.” The duo scored 429 points, only a little behind Bada’s score of 438.

Im Jung Hee and his partner sang Cho Yong Pil’s “Dream” but was unable to overtake Bada’s score. Na Yoon Kwon, who won last week’s episode, was the one to overtake her with 446 points and a powerful cover of Noel’s “Proposal.”

duet song festival

Song Ji Eun and “Hidden Singer” contestant Park Min Gyu covered Toy’s “Still Beautiful” but was unable to overtake Na Yoon Kwon’s score. Song Ji Eun was especially regretful due to a mistake she made.

Heo Young Saeng was the last performance, teaming up with Lee Jung Hyuk to sing TVXQ’s “Mirotic.” The two of them combined their charismatic voices and succeeded in overtaking the score with 453 points.

Heo Young Saeng

After his win was announced, Heo Young Saeng got emotional by saying, “This is the first time I’ve won No. 1 in anything in six years.” Heo Young Saeng is a vocalist in SS501 and its subunit SS301.

Watch the winning performance below!

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