Super Junior’s Donghae Writers Letters To Fans In 3 Different Languages

Super Junior’s Donghae wrote handwritten letters to fans in Korean, English, and Chinese.

Currently serving his mandatory military service, the letters were uploaded on Super Junior’s official homepage on June 24.

Donghae wrote the letters earlier on June 19. In the letters, he asks how his fans are doing and explains that he is writing because he misses fans and can’t fall asleep because he’s excited to see them soon.

He also heartwarmingly adds that he will love fans no matter how they look, so he wants them to eat well and be healthy. He ends the letters expressing his thankfulness and love for fans.

See the letters below!

Donghae Korean letter

Donghae Korean letter 2

Donghae English letter

Donghae English letter 2

Donghae Chinese letter

Donghae is expected to be discharged from the military on July 14, 2017.

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