Vocal Trainer Kim Sung Eun Shares Touching Memories Of BTS’s Jin And TWICE

Vocal trainer Kim Sung Eun, who fans of “Produce 101” might remember from the show, recently sat down for an interview where she talked about her experiences training artists such as BTS and TWICE.

When asked to share some of the most memorable moments from her career, Kim Sung Eun answers, “My first is about Jin of BTS. One day, Jin sent me a song. He said, ‘This is the song that we worked on in a lesson a long time ago. I tried to do a proper recording of it. I’ve gotten a lot better at singing, right?’ It was really excellent. That song didn’t actually have a proper recording of the background music, but Jin made the background music himself and went to a studio and recorded it.”

She continues, “I remember listening to that song at 3 a.m. and crying my eyes out. Jin is such an amazing person. He still invites me to all their concerts, whether they’re in Seoul or overseas.”

Kim Sung Eun then goes on to talk about her experiences with TWICE. “They’ve been holding the top spot on the charts since a few weeks ago,” she says. “So they had the opportunity to give a thank you speech on a certain music show when they received first place. They said, ‘Thank you Kim Sung Eun’ as soon as they got the microphone.”

She adds that all of her artists promise to thank her if they take first place on a music show, but many of them either have not had the honor yet, or are too overwhelmed on stage and forget. “But even in that overwhelming moment when they got first, TWICE remembered me and thanked me,” she says. “Also, yesterday we saw each other at their agency, and they ran over for a hug. That was such a touching moment.”

BTS and TWICE have both been enjoying huge success lately, so Kim Sung Eun must be so proud!

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