Watch: Secret’s Jun Hyosung Tears Up On “SNL Korea”

On June 25’s episode of “SNL Korea,” Secret member Jun Hyosung can’t help but cry during “Weekend Update”!

It’s the star’s final episode, and after reading the news as usual, she says, “It’s already been a few months…” but then starts to cry. The other cast members playfully tease her for crying, and she laughs as she tries to get a hold of herself.

“I’ve learned a lot during this time, it was a lot of fun and I’m so grateful,” she says. As a tear runs down her cheek, she adds, “I’ll keep supporting the show and will be sure to watch.”

Jun Hyosung joined the cast of “SNL Korea” this April, starring as an anchor of “Weekend Update” alongside Kim Jun Hyun. The show wrapped up the first half of its seventh season on June 25, and will resume again in the fall.

Watch her tearful goodbye in the clip below, which starts at about the 4:02 mark!