SISTAR’s Soyou Responds To Rumors That She’s Made 1.3 Billion Won From Digital Music Sales

On June 25’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” SISTAR goes on a trip to a theme park and then sits down for an interview to talk about their recent comeback.

During their chat, the interviewer asks Soyou if the rumors are true that she’s made a profit of 1.3 billion won (approximately $1.1 million) from digital sales of her tracks, assumedly particularly from her massive hit duet “Some.” She immediately says, “No way,” and then turns to the camera and points to say, “No!”

Her fellow members then tease her by saying, “Is it really not true?”


“That would mean I’ve made more than [Girls’ Generation’s] Taeyeon, that’s ridiculous!” she says. She then jokes that people think she’s made a lot of money, so they are constantly asking her to buy them food or drinks. “Now I don’t have anything left!” she says.

Soyou’s duet track “Some” with Junggigo (featuring Lil Boi) was released in February of 2014, and was so popular that it sat at number one on several music charts for over a month and earned the artists ten music show wins.

Meanwhile, SISTAR recently made a comeback with their song “I Like That” off their new mini album “Insane Love.”

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