Park Bo Gum And Red Velvet’s Irene Look Back On Their Time As “Music Bank” MCs

On June 25, Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet’s Irene sat down for an interview with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” where they reminisced about the time they spent together as “Music Bank” MCs.

When asked about how they were feeling, Park Bo Gum confesses, “I only feel upset. Not the kind that feels relieving, but just plain sadness.” Irene similarly replies, “It feels a little strange and out of place.”

Known for their sweet chemistry, the two stars only have compliments for each other when asked about the other’s strong points.

Irene says, “Park Bo Gum is very energetic. I think I’ve changed a lot because of him.” The actor answers, “She has a kind heart and we were able to finish everything nicely because she was really considerate [of me]. I don’t think there was a single time we made each other upset.”

Irene Park Bo Gum

Later on, the idol is asked if there was any particular time that her heart fluttered because of something Park Bo Gum said while emceeing.

She starts off by saying, “Well, because those are all scripted lines…,” before revealing, “There was a time actually, but for a different reason: when he called me by my real name. I was truthfully very surprised then.”

Meanwhile, Irene and Park Bo Gum wrapped up their activities as “Music Bank” MCs on June 24, after one year and two months.

They will be sorely missed!

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