“Boys24” Elects New Top 7 And Showcases First Unit Performance

Last week, the survival program “Boys24” chose a Top 7 roster to lead the units on the show. As of June 18, the Top 7 were Inho, Yonghyun, Inpyo, Jinseok, Changmin, Youngdoo, and Isaac.

Boys24 Inho Doha

The roster underwent a change on the June 25 episode. although Inho maintained his No. 1 spot, several other contestants elevated their scores and Isaac and Youngdoo ended up being demoted from the Top 7.

The Top 7 are now as follows:


1. Inho (91.3 points)

2. Doha (81 points)

3. Yeontae (81 points)

4. Yonghyun (80.5 points)

5. Sungho (80.3 points)

6. Inpyo (80.2 points)

7. Jinseok (80 points)

The episode also featured the performance of the first unit, “Unit Yellow.” The members of each unit are chosen by the judges, Vasco, Ha Hwi Dong, and and Jun Bong Jin.

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