“Doctors” Reveals Park Shin Hye’s Dark Childhood Through Online Prequel

SBS drama “Doctors,” starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, has revealed the dark childhood of Park Shin Hye’s character Hye Jung via an online clip, a first for K-dramas.

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The clip starts with a brief scene of Hye Jung’s father leaving her at the doorstep of her grandmother’s house, which was shown in the drama. Hye Jung’s father says, “Our relationship is over,” and Hye Jung bites back, “We were over the day that woman came to our house.”

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We then see a young Hye Jung sitting bruised and battered in front of her stepmother.

Stepmother: “How can you have no fear? Do adults’ words mean nothing to you?”

Hye Jung: “This is my mom’s house.”

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Stepmother: “Did you forget? Your mom abandoned you and died. I’m the only one in the world who can protect you.”

Hye Jung: “Don’t touch me again!”

The stepmother then slaps Hye Jung.

The next scene with the stepmother show her interaction with Hye Jung’s grandmother. The stepmother says, “Are you watching me? Seeing if I treat Hye Jung well?” Hye Jung’s grandmother just says that she wants to see Hye Jung before she leaves, and that she’s not watching her. The stepmother responds, “You are watching me. Don’t come by.”

The video ends with Hye Jung’s narration: “Good memories. I had good memories, too. I remembered after I met my grandmother.”

A member of the drama production said, “For the first time ever, we revealed Hye Jung’s dark childhood story online rather than through broadcast. We wanted to explain through this prequel the relationship Hye Jung has with her stepmother, and the foundation of the deep familial love between Hye Jung and her grandmother.”

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