Daebak And Seo Jun Begin Their Bromance On “The Return Of Superman”

Daebak and Seojun seem to be getting along on KBS2’s “The Return of Superman”!

Daebak expresses his liking for the older Seo Jun when they spend time with each other on the June 26 episode of the show.

daebak seo jun 2

During the episode, Daebak tags along with Seo Jun and gazes at him fondly, freely expressing his growing attachment for his hyung. Seo Jun, on the other hand, seems both surprised and fascinated with Daebak’s open displays of affection. Unable to express himself in the same way, Seo Jun adorably steals glances at Daebak when he isn’t looking.

The staff present during filming could not help but be moved by the blossoming friendship between the two, with Daebak bringing fruit for his hyung, staying with him until he went home, and giving him a hug before he left.

Looks like their little rivalry is now all in the past!

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